The District Institute of Science, Biotechnology and Innovation in the Health (Instituto Distrital de Ciencia, Biotecnología e Innovación en Salud – IDCBIS, Acronym in Spanish), is a non-profit corporation of mixed nature. IDCBIS is linked to the District Secretary of the Health but with legal entity ruled by private law, with financial and administrative autonomy and its own patrimony.

The IDCBIS raised from an initiative to strength the work of more than 15 years of a medical team supported by the District Administration and the honorable Council of Bogota. Under the guidelines of its Scientific Direction, the District Bank of Blood, Bank of Tissues and Cells turned into Scientific Institute – IDCBIS.


Innovative institution whose aims are of common interest in promotion of the scientific and technological development, generation and transfer of knowledge regarding health sciences, for the improvement of the quality of life and well-being of our society.


IDCBIS ​is a research, innovation and management institute with knowledge on biomedical sciences, which provide human biologic services and supplies, favoring individual​ and collective health and improvement of the quality ​of life and well-being of the society in Colombia.


By 2021 we will be a center of excellence in research in biomedical sciences, and leaders in innovation and development of the health products and services.


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