Blood donation is a voluntary act that looks for the benefit others without receiving any kind of remuneration in turn. Human blood is a vital fluid that cannot be manufactured; it is necessary to extract it from another person, i.e.: a blood donor. The rigorous processes for the selection of voluntary and customary blood donors, are the fundamental basis of the quality of blood components of the IDCBIS, where different strategies are implemented for relationships with blood donors.


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Important information

  • Blood is not sold or bought. It is an altruistic act.
  • Duration of donation process: 20 minutes.
  • Donation stages:

1. ​Interview

​2. Physical examination

​3. Blood extraction

​4. Snack provision

  • Total blood extracted: 450 milliliters approximately

  • Body recovery: Three days are enough to fully recover donated blood.
  • It is important that hospitals have a blood stock and the only way this is possible is donating.
  • Donating blood does not make you thin or fat, this is a myth that must be eliminated.
  • The process is fast and easy; in addition, you will feel great since you have helped saving the lives of up to three people.

Requisitos para donar sangre

Blood donating requirements

  • Present an identification document.
  • Be between 18 and 65 years old.
  • Weigh at least 50 kilos.
  • Be in good general health.
  • No flu symptoms at the time of donating
  • Haven’t suffered from hepatitis after being 11 years old.
  • Haven’t taken antibiotics for the last 15 days.
  • Haven’t taken anti-parasitic medication in the last month.

  • Haven’t received blood in the last year.
  • Have a responsible sexual behavior.
  • Have had breakfast or lunch before donating.
  • Have slept at least 5 hours the night before.
  • If you have any tattoos, permanent makeup or piercings, it is necessary that at least one year has passed after their application.
  • Not being pregnant.
  • If you are breastfeeding, your child should be at least 1 year old.


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