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Primera Cumbre de Saberes

Primera Cumbre de Saberes Se realizó en Bogotá la Primera Cumbre de Saberes que tiene como fin último encontrar un lenguaje común entre los clínicos, los científicos y el equipo psicosocial en torno a la comprensión del trasplante de progenitores hematopoyéticos para niños, niñas y adolescentes. El encuentro tuvo como participantes al equipo clínico de…


The IDCBIS guarantees the blood supply to attend any emergency of Pope Francis, during his visit to Colombia

The District Institute of Science, Biotechnology and Innovation in Health (IDCBIS), center linked to the District Department of Health, will be in charge of supplying the necessary blood units to Pope Francis, in case the pontiff requires it, for any emergency. The National Institute of Health and the Protocol Commission of the Vatican determined that…


IDCBIS trains professionals from the Hospital del Trauma of Costa Rica in obtaining and processing skin, amniotic membranes and osteomuscular tissues.

The District Institute of Science, Biotechnology and Innovation in Health (IDCBIS) received two professionals from the Hospital del Trauma assigned to the National Insurance Institute of Costa Rica. This visit was made within the framework of South-South cooperation between the Presidential Cooperation Agency of Colombia and the Ministry of Planning of Costa Rica, an agreement…


IDCBIS recognizes the social commitment in strengthening the culture of blood donation to the Christian Church The Place of His Presence.

Dr. Bernardo Camacho, director of IDCBIS presented a recognition to the Christian Church The Place of his Presence for his social commitment in the contribution to the transformation of lives in the city, reaffirming in this way the strategic alliance to coordinate the strengthening of the blood donation culture in Bogotá, through the periodic programming…


Research group in Transfusional, Tissue and Cellular Medicine (GIMTTYC) of the IDCBIS was recognized in Category C

As a result of the national call for the recognition and measurement of Research Groups, Technological Development or Innovation and for the recognition of Researchers of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation – SNCTeI 2017, the IDCBIS research group in transfusion medicine, Tissue and cell (GIMTTYC) was recognized in Category C. Colciencias affirmed…


Signature of the agreement SAP – 9765 between the IDCBIS and the Universidad del Rosario.

Through this agreement between IDCBIS and Universidad del Rosario, efforts will be made to promote the exchange of experiences in the fields of research, extension, innovation, management and technology transfer, within the various areas of knowledge that each entity manages. The agreement will strengthen research fields such as: -Medicine transfusional and transplant – Advanced cell…