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Blood is a vital liquid on which life is sustained. The mission of the IDCBIS District Blood Bank is to preserve the blood components with which patients can recover their health.

By donating with us, the main beneficiaries are patients in public hospitals in the district.

We will contact you, we will inform you, we will verify your possibility to be a donor.

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ícono gráfico agenda tu donación de sangre

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Know the blood donation points here

Donation types

  • Whole Blood
  • Blood cell apheresis
  • Platelet apheresis

When you donate whole blood, your blood components can improve the lives of up to 3 adult patients and up to 4 pediatric patients. 30 minutes of your time can mean new opportunities for those who need it and a great joy for their families. Our team of professionals will answer any questions you may have to perform this act that saves lives every day.

Donation requirements

If your blood group is O, your weight is over 70 kg, you could be a donor of red blood cells by apheresis. This donation has the value of two common donations that will positively impact the health of patients who need this blood component. This unit can be fractionated so that it can be used for up to 8 pediatric patients.

For the process of red blood cell donation by apheresis (erythroapheresis), an average of 30 minutes is required, during which time our team takes the blood, preserves the red blood cells and returns the other blood components to the donor. The total amount collected at the end is 200 to 210 ml and this type of donation can be performed every 6 months.

Donation requirements

With a single donation you can positively impact with a higher quality to patients in specific conditions. Cases such as Diego's, a patient who requires 6 units of platelets for surgery, these platelets would have to be extracted from 6 units for which 6 blood donors are necessary. With a single platelet donor by apheresis only one blood component would be taken but with a higher quality and a single donation would be enough for Diego.

For the process of platelet donation by apheresis (platelet apheresis), an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes is required, during which time our team takes the blood, preserves the platelets and returns the other blood components to the donor. The total amount collected at the end is 196 to 200 ml and this type of donation can be performed every 2 months.

Donation requirements

Valuable services

The IDCBIS District Blood Bank is a national and international benchmark for training and education of human talent in blood banking and transfusion services. It is the only one in the country that performs molecular biology tests (NAT) for the HIV virus, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C on 100% of blood components to ensure the quality and safety of blood components.

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The only blood bank with specialized equipment for the irradiation of blood components that handles gamma irradiation with Cesium-137 with an optimal distribution of the dose throughout the blood component, which ensures that T lymphocytes do not proliferate, applicable to transplanted and immunosuppressed patients to reduce the development of graft-versus-host disease.

Ícono realizamos acompañamiento técnico permanente a los servicios de transfusión para el mejoramiento del manejo de sus inventarios.

We provide permanent technical support to transfusion services to improve inventory management.

Ícono brindamos apoyo a las diferentes instituciones en la construcción de una adecuada terapia transfusional.

We provide support to the different institutions in the construction of an adequate transfusion therapy.

  • Products and services
Products and services
  • Red blood cells low in leukocytes.

  • Fresh frozen plasma.

  • Standard platelet concentrate.

  • Cryoprecipitates.

  • Unit platelet concentrate by leukoreduced apheresis (CUPs).

  • Filtered leukoreduced platelet unit platelet apheresis concentrates (CUPs).

  • Red blood cells filtered by apheresis.

  • Filtered pediatric aliquots.

  • Irradiated blood components.

  • Immunohematology tests for the resolution of blood group discrepancies and compatibility tests.

  • Platelets, red blood cells and apheresis products irradiation service.

  • Reference laboratory for the assembly of confirmatory tests in blood banks.

  • Blood reconstitution service

  • Therapeutic phlebotomy service.

District Blood Bank Team

Imagen del Talento Humano del Banco distrital de sangre
Patricia Forero Directora Técnica del Banco Distrital de Sangre
Sonia Patricia Forero Matiz


Technical Director Blood Bank

Bacteriologist. Esp. MSc (c)

Imagen de Paula Gaviria Líder Unidad Inmunohematología Avanzada IDCBIS
Paula Andrea Gaviria García


Advanced Immunohematology Unit Leader

Bacteriologist. MSc.

Jenny Johanna Pinilla Gómez
Jenny Johanna Pinilla Gómez


Líder de Inmunohematología

Bacteriologist. Esp. MSc (c)

Lorena Ivette Barbosa Rodríguez
Lorena Ivette Barbosa Rodríguez


Líder de Promoción

Mercadeo y publicidad

Xiomara Andrea Merchan Lara
Xiomara Andrea Merchan Lara


Líder de Colecta


Imagen de Sandra Román Líder Aseguramiento de la Calidad
Sandra Milena Roman Serrato


Líder Aseguramiento de la Calidad

Bacteriologist. Esp.

Imagen Lisbeth Jennifer Catherine Soto Coral Líder Inmunoserología – Biología Molecular
Lisbeth Jennifer Catherine Soto Coral


Líder Inmunoserología – Biología Molecular

Bacteriologist. Esp.

Imagen de Carolina Aldana líder de procesamiento del Banco Distrital de Sangre
Johanna Carolina Aldana Prieto


Líder de Procesamiento

Bacteriologist. Esp.

Ana Lucía Zetien líder de control de calidad del Banco Distrital de Sangre IDCBIS
Ana Lucía Zetien Pabón


Líder Control de Calidad

Bacterióloga Esp.

Dr. Santiago Grass del Banco Distrital de Sangre
Jeser Santiago Grass Guaqueta



Médico cirujano. Esp.


Donante de sangre feliz

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District Blood Bank

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