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The District Tissue Bank (BDT) is a Latin American reference in the selection of donors, rescue, processing, preservation, storage and distribution of human tissues for implant purposes.

We are the first bank in Latin America with development and standardization in acellular dermis to favor definitive skin regeneration in burn patients.

There is currently a list of more than 1,000 people in Bogotá waiting for a cornea transplant. Patients who have suffered severe burns are waiting for skin and amniotic membrane transplants for their recovery.

What tissues does the District Tissue Bank process?

Ícono de dermis acelular del banco distrital de tejidos

Glycerolized acellular dermis

ícono gráfico piel

Skin processing

ícono gráfico cornea

Corneal and scleral processing

ícono gráfico cartílagos

Musculoskeletal tissue processing

ícono gráfico membrana amniotica

Amniotic membrane processing

for use in ophthalmology, plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery

Circumstances in which
tissue is donated

Anatomical components can be obtained from living or deceased donors.

In the case of living donors, appropriate conditions must be guaranteed to minimize as much as possible the risks assumed by the person who wishes to voluntarily donate tissue, following the legal and medical requirements already established.

In terms of tissues, corneas, skin, bones, bone marrow, blood vessels, heart valves, cartilage, tendons, sclera and amniotic membrane can be transplanted.

Tissue beneficiaries

  • Patients with diseases that present vision loss.

  • Patients requiring eyeball repair.

  • Patients with extensive skin lesions such as burns, vascular ulcers, skin infections or in need of cosmetic or reconstructive surgeries.

  • Bone cancer patients.

Natalia Ponce de Leon entrevista

Natalia Ponce

Watch it here
Testimonio paciente trasplantado de córnea

Patient testimonial
corneal transplant

Watch it here

The projects developed at the District Tissue Bank (BDT) favorably impact the quality of life of multiple patients in different specialties such as plastic surgery, burns, orthopedics, ophthalmology and maxillofacial surgery, thanks to its advances in the development of acellular dermis, vestibuloplasty, osteomuscular tissue and therapeutic uses of amniotic membrane.

District Tissue Bank Team

Equipo del Banco Distrital de Sangre
Astrid Malagón


Quality Coordinator of the District Tissue Bank

Bacteriologist. Esp. MSc.

Linda Guerrero Directora médica tejido laminar (piel membrana amniótica y dermis acelular
Linda Guerrero


Directora médica tejido laminar (piel membrana amniótica y dermis acelular)

Médica. Esp. Cirugía plástica

Mauricio Latorre Director médico tejido ocular
Mauricio Latorre


Director médico tejido ocular

Médico. Esp. Oftalmología

Gabriel Fletscher Director médico osteomuscular
Gabriel Fletscher


Director médico osteomuscular.

Médico. Esp. Ortopedia

Consuelo Forero


Bacteriologist. MSc.

Profesional operativo

Cristian García
Cristian García


Instrumentador quirúrgico

Profesional operativo

Marco Caicedo Técnico auxiliar en enfermería
Marco Caicedo


Técnico auxiliar en enfermería

Técnico operativo

Liliana Pardo Técnico auxiliar en enfermería
Liliana Pardo


Técnico auxiliar en enfermería

Técnico operativo

Andrés Felipe Rosero: Auxiliar de Enfermería
Andrés Felipe Rosero


Auxiliar de Enfermería

Diana Viviana Molina : Instrumentadora Quirurgica
Diana Viviana Molina


Instrumentadora Quirurgica

Jaison Andrés Peña Castro : Técnico Enfermero
Jaison Andrés Peña Castro


Técnico Enfermero

Jonathan Sierra Profesional Operativo
Jonathan Sierra


Instrumentador quirúrgico

Profesional operativo

Natalia Raga Ruíz - Enfermera
Natalia Raga Ruíz



Achievements and certifications

The District Tissue Bank is the first bank in Latin America with development and standardization in acellular dermis to favor definitive skin regeneration in burn patients.

Our District Tissue Bank is certified in Good Practices by INVIMA.

galardonado con la ORDEN CIVIL AL MÉRITO Dona Bogotá 2017-2018-2019
Ha sido galardonado con la ORDEN CIVIL AL MÉRITO Dona Bogotá 2017-2018-2019-2020-2023

Es pionero en el Distrito y a nivel nacional
It is a pioneer in the District and nationally in the amniotic membrane donation program for the treatment of burn patients and for ophthalmology and maxillofacial surgery specialties.

Referencia en america latina
Latin America reference center for the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico and Chile.

Leave your legacy to the world

Many people who need a tissue transplant do not get one because there are not enough donations. Every month there are more patients on the waiting list for a chance to improve their quality of life.

Tissue donation is a gift, a voluntary act by which a person in life or after death donates his or her tissues for transplantation for the sole purpose of helping other people.

If you want to express your willingness to be an organ and tissue donor, please express it in the following link of the National Institute of Health.

Logo Instituto Nacional de Salud

District Tissue Bank

Tu puedes ser donante solo #déjalo conversado con tu familia
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