Bogota City Council awarded in 2020 the Order of Merit to IDCBIS for its contributions to organ and tissue donation.

12 November, 2021

The District Institute of Science, Biotechnology and Innovation in Health - IDCBIS, was elected for the fourth consecutive year by the Council as the deserving recipient of the Order of Social Responsibility Donate Bogota in the category that recognizes individuals and associations that have worked or made efforts to encourage and promote the culture of organ and tissue donation for transplantation and implantation purposes in the capital.

This award recognized the work carried out by IDCBIS through its District Tissue Bank, the only multipurpose bank in the country and the first in Latin America with development and standardization in acellular dermis to favor the regeneration of definitive skin in burned patients. The Bank has INVIMA certification in GMP for ocular tissue, skin and amniotic membrane, and is also a Latin American reference in donor selection, rescue, processing, storage and distribution of human tissues for implant purposes.

Dr. Bernardo Camacho, Director of IDCBIS, thanked the honorable Council of Bogota for this award, but especially praised the families of deceased donors and those who generously and altruistically gave their authorization in life to give another chance of life to patients who have required an organ or tissue transplant. He also invited the general population to join the culture of donation, which has been so affected by the pandemic.

In what circumstances is tissue donated?

  • Organs and tissues can be obtained from living or deceased donors.
  • In the case of living donors, appropriate conditions must be guaranteed to minimize as much as possible the risks assumed by the person who wishes to voluntarily donate tissue, following the legal and medical requirements already established.
  • In terms of tissues, corneas, skin, bones, bone marrow, blood vessels, heart valves, cartilage, tendons, sclera and amniotic membrane can be transplanted.

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