IDCBIS researchers present scientific work in tissue engineering at the TERMIS Society World Congress in Kyoto, Japan.

7 September, 2020

Dr. Ingrid Silva, PhD and Luz Stella Correa, PhD, Master Candidate in Genetics, are attending the TERMIS Society World Congress, which is being held in the city of Kyoto, Japan from September 4 to 7 of this year. The World Congress of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) is the most important scientific event in the field of Tissue Engineering since it brings together researchers, academic and industry sectors, world leaders in the development of advanced therapies oriented to tissue regeneration.

Drs. Silva and Correa are representing IDCBIS in this important event with the presentation of the scientific paper entitled "Tissue engineered constructs based on Mesenchymal Stromal Cells and acellular dermis induce the release of Repair Factors for Cutaneous Lesions". This work presents the advances of the Cell Therapy Unit in the development of tissue engineered products based on human skin homologous constructs made with acellular dermis and mesenchymal stem cells with a view to their clinical application. With the presentation of these results in Kyoto, IDCBIS demonstrates that it has the scientific and technological capacity to develop important advances in the field of regenerative therapies and positions the institute in the international scientific community..

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