Leader of Advanced Immunohematology at IDCBIS becomes the first Colombian to be a member of the "ISBT Working Party on Rare Donors".

24 November, 2021

The ISBT Working Party on Rare Donors is a prestigious global community with members in more than 18 countries.

Paula Andrea Gaviria, Leader of the Advanced Immunohematology Unit of IDCBIS, was selected by the "International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT)" as the most recent member of the "ISBT Working Party on Rare Donors", being the first Colombian and the third Latin American to achieve it. 

The ISBT Working Party on Rare Donors aims to "provide a mechanism for collaboration between countries to enable the provision of rare blood products to patients in need".

According to the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT), the group to which the IDCBIS collaborator now belongs is "a community eager to ensure that every patient who needs rare blood can receive it. This activity recognizes no political boundaries and is therefore all for the common good of patients all over the world".

The other two Latin American members of this group are Brazilian doctors Lilian Castilho and Silvano Wendel.

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