Mother of Maryuris, girl who recovered from a serious blood disease, signed up for DarCélulas

27 September, 2019

A few months ago, during her time at IDCBIS, Yurani, the mother of Maryuris, a girl whose life was saved by a blood-forming cell transplant two years ago, pre-registered for DarCélulas.

Maryuris and Yurani were interviewed by the media, as more than 20 umbilical cord blood units - processed at the IDCBIS Public Cord Blood Bank - have been transplanted. They gave testimony of a successful transplant.

Maternal umbilical cord blood contains cells capable of producing blood components, these are called hematopoietic progenitor cells, which, when transplanted into a patient with a serious blood disease, can generate new blood components. A process similar to sowing a seed capable of creating new plants.

Maryuris recovered from medullary aplasia, a disease in which the bone marrow stops producing the different blood components. Thanks to an umbilical cord blood cell transplant performed in Bogota in 2017.

Mayuris can now do her favorite activities such as skateboarding. It was all possible thanks to an altruistic donation of umbilical cord cells, which were processed and stored at the IDCBIS Public Cord Blood Bank.

Yurani expressed her willingness to be a blood-forming cell donor, pre-registering with DarCélulas at because she hopes, at some point, to be able to help someone who is in a similar situation to the one her daughter experienced a few years ago.

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